The Lotus

This flower is India’s favourite one. It has aesthetic, spiritual and social appeal. It has become the symbol of purity and excellence. It has gathered innumerable connotation , all pointing to man’s aspiration for excellence in matters pertaining to the higher intelligence and the spirit. It acquires a mystical aura as it is deemed to be the seat of God’s and Godesses. 

It is the way we have come to understand detachment and flowering of the soul. The lotus blooms in muddy waters of lakes. Although the lotus plant has its roots in the slush , it remains untouched by the dirt and swamp surrounding it It’s leaves do not become wet by the water surrounding it. Similarly, a wise person remains untouched by the distress , the misery , the poverty , the many afflictions that beset the average human being.  Rather , he takes sustenance from the soil of life , but remains immersed in the contemplation of pure being. 

The offering of a lotus to the Godess Laxmi augurs good fortune.  Godess Saraswati makes the lotus her seat .  The lotus is so special that Lord Krishna is described as lotus eyed lotus foot. Anything auspicious is compared to a lotus. 


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