Right now it is raining vey heavily . There is an ocean opening up wide in the sky. This rain will not stop for quite some time .The children are not back yet from school. Will they get drenched? I begin to wonder, for if they do, then there is much to feel anxious about. But I sitting doing nothing but watching the noisy rain with its attendant thunder rumbling slowly, dream of pleasures of the green forests and dark waves of a friendly sea.Rain is a reminder of our destiny. We

come from and go to a place far away we don’t know where. We dream of forests or seas due to their vastness and impregnability. There is something so mysterious and fascinating in contemplating the Unknown …death and birth are both so mysterious that none has able to fathom their depths. And it is the rain that brings all these stories to the fore. It has a way of gently insisting our mind to romance with the Unknown which is so much a part of our spirit nature, a reminder of the effervescent now which leads us on to so many nows of glory and pain. Rain song is of the earth as well as of the sky, the many rivers ,seas and oceans; far flung habitations, deserts and streams; long journeys over mountains and deep valleys, swinging on clouds robust and white; even further off than mind can dwell,where stars meet and rays fuse in colours no man has ever seen.


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